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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  December 10, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to make driving surfaces slick and a little tough to break on. take a look first at some of that snow we captured our high definition weather bug camera at roland park today. here come the snow showers couple different rounds there enough to put a thin white coating over everything. right all clear but you can see the snow showers as they came out of the west. and now clearing off to the north and east. the rest of the evening looks relatively dry but the problem temperatures dropping quickly. we're down below freezing in northern baltimore county harvard and cecil county. slick road surfaces are going to be a concern adds we fall to the 20s this evening. cold and slick out there. drive with a little extra care. we'll talk about your weekend wild changes ahead. cold let's has led to the death of marylanders since october. state department of health is
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warning every one of the dangers of hypothermia. disorientation slurred speech or bluish or puffy skin. cover your headdress in layers of loose fitting clothing cover your mouth with a scarf. wear waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry. you can get the very latest weather information and forecast at the click of a mouse any time of day. log on to our web site at dr. mark ma day is already dealing with dozens of lawsuit new information from the u. s. senate is giving him more to fight. he's accused of portion hundreds of unnecessary procedures using stents. >> reporter: defense attorney stephen snyder is calling the fight against his client a witch hunt. he's simply taking a fall for a
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hospital trying to protect its own interests. >> reporter: defense attorney stephen snyder is on the offensive when it comes to his client. >> i expect full vindication. >> reporter: he's headed to court that could cost him his license. he's accused of portion unnecessary heart procedures. >> their motive was not to rid the profession of a poorly performing doctor, but to limit their exposure. >> reporter: snyder's client has gotten a lot more exposure in the last few days thanks to a u. s. senate report claims he was paid thousands by abbott labs the make of the stents. >> a crab feast and a picnic is hardly a perk or fraud, and
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it's hardly a motivator for dr. ma day to excessively stent patients. abbott never paid anything to doctor ma day for the use of its stents. >> reporter: he was never interviewed as part of that senate investigation and he'll finally have his say on the stand during that upcoming hearing. the hearing is scheduled to start tuesday and it should last about a week. they are thinking it will last about a week and a rep for st. joe's says at this point they are evaluating all these things. they say at this point they are fully cooperating with that senate investigation. they provided all the information that was asked of them, and this they have made changes within the heart dispute peer review process so this kind of situation won't happen again. an apparent carbon monoxide leak forces teachers and children from pleasant view child care center in baltimore. we're told a group of 30
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students and 12 teachesers were evacuated to a building across the street. >> we evacuated all the students and 12 teachers to another facility. we ventilated the structure and the levels are near zero. some students may be transported to area hospitals and others cared for by their paints. >> the fire department is still investigating the exact cause of this leak. >> continuing coverage of the story we first brought to you as breaking news last night at 11:00. state police say 41-year-old jose ailed seat surrender had to troopers. he barricaded himself inside his home in taneytown. people living nearby were evacuated. he surrender had peacefully. he's charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. well, business is back on the block earlier this week. that five alarm fire right
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there destroyed several business necessary the 400 block of east baltimore street. the fire marshal announced businesses on the south side of the adult entertainment district will be reopened today. the federal aviation administration aircraft registry is missing information on one-third of the agency planes in the united states. the records are in such disarray they are worried criminals could buy planes without the g.'s knowledge and use the registration numbers of other aircraft to evade computer systems to evade flight. the man behind the publication of more than 250,000 classified u. s. diplomatic cables could soon face spying charges in the u. s. julian assange is already in the a british prison for sexual
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assault charges in sweden. an indictment is expected under the espionage act. >> we don't believe that it applies to mr. assange and in any event he's entitled to first amendment protections. >> he's being held in a high security of a london prison. a worldwide network of hackers continue to attack companies. white house officials say everyone may walk away empty- handed. a major compromise to extends the bush tax cuts even for wealthy americans. the senate will vote monday on whether or not to open up debate. after five hours of deliberation a federal jury in utah reaches a decision in the elizabeth smart trial. smart who is 23-year-olds was taken from her bedroom at
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knifepoint when she was 14. >> reporter: more than 8 years after she was kidnapped from her bedroom, held in captivity, raped and abused for 9 agonizing months. 23-year-old elizabeth smart can see justice served. >> this is a very historic and moment us day in the criminal justice history of this date. >> reporter: smart sat in the courtroom as a federal jury found her kidnapper brian david mitchell guilty on all counts. >> they diagnosed him with pedophilia. >> reporter: that was not enough to convince the jury. >> he's not delusional. he's not hallucinating. because his behavior is really quite high functioning and organized, his communication is organized those are the essential components of a
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severe major mental disease or defect. >> reporter: he showed unusual behavior in court. he would sing religion us hymns. >> i'm in shock a and disappointed the justice system didn't work. >> reporter: sentencing is set for may 25th when he faces a maximum of life in prison. a store clerk armed with nothing more than a feather custer fights off a man with a machete and it's caught on camera. the armed robber with a machete walking up to the counts. he threatens the clerk but the clerk grabs a feather does therese going to start swinging. the duster and 911 call was
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enough to scare him off. >> he threatened him. he jacked him over the head with a duster. i think jack is a hero. >> before the suspect fled he swung the machete a few times shattering the glass on the ice cream cooler. teens are taking to the streets with a game that has cops from coast-to-coast on high alert. it's called fugitive. it's a bigger version of the cops and robber game kids play. coming up at 5:30 find out why police are steps up to put a stop this dangerous game. a little girl had trouble getting herself out of a machine. . currently at the beautiful
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wmar abc2 studios a 32-degree day. >> let's take a look at 140 westminster. it's slow going right out there. you can see a light coating of snow on the ground that's caused problems on your commute. we'll check back in coming up. rior operations due to the
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. the word hon maybe if we didn't know we might have to pay to use its. cheryl connor has more on the copy wright. >> reporter: it's a baltimore term of endearment. did you he know those three letters honor hon are trademarks. i talked to restaurant owner
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denise whiteing on the phone who says she's just trying to protect the brand she created years ago. it makes perfect sense for her to own the right to hon. >> she promotes the hon phrase,. >> reporter: the nta wanted to use hon in a recent ad campaign. >> she worked with them and didn't charge a dime. the ownership rights are nothing more than showing pride in baltimore. >> shame denise whiteing. i don't know why anybody would need a trademark or stamp to use a word like that. >> reporter: whiting she is she would think carefully before challenging hon in court, but if it appears in that seen on napkins and bumper
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stickers she would take issue and you'll hear about it hon. in hamden cheryl connora be c 2 news. >> the they also news. we got snow hon, i'm telling you it was a mess out there today. >> brief but intense and just enough of a coating to make those roads not so good. you know what i mean, in many spots at least an hour or two before it kind of melted. >> any freezing tonight or worries about that? >> i think we are concerned with that temperatures are mulleting after sunset. we're going to have sighs icy spots drive with care. secondary roads north and south of town. westminster slick areas. use a little extra caution give yourself some more braking distance. >> good advice. >> shortest days of the year
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right now. about 11 more days until the shortest day of the year, but sunset already coming around 4:40 these days. man, feel like we live in ice land or something. 35 degrees right now, winds are calm. so, that's a good thing. but i want to show you that snow as it came in today. reisterstown, gwen oak. snow showers coming through briefly and roads getting a little slick as we go through night fall expecting to see some refreezing. here's our high definition weather bug camera at west towson elementary. here come the snow showers. traffic still still moved along pretty well you have to be a little extra cautious out there. temperatures now in the 30 to mid 30s. as you can see above freezing from anne arundel and baltimore county over to the eastern
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show. below freezing reisterstown manchester frederick. more likely you'll find slick roads to the west. radar clear now. we don't expect any new precipitation until late tomorrow night. late saturday night into sunday could be a little dicey with rain and sleet. then rain on sunday and more chances for wintry weather late sunday night in the form of winter mix. so right now just about freeze freezing in the city. winds very, very light. highs would have been closer to 40. we thought we'd get there but the storm to our north gave us enough of a glancing blow to give flurry action. tomorrow we make mid to low 40s fourth without a problem. we'll have sun mix in with the clouds through part of the day. push the snort east. although the cold area is holding charlotte mid 40s. cape hatteras nearly 50. this warmer air will mix in through the day tomorrow and
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even on sunday it may not be a frigid day but will be a wet dannon the second half of the weekend. overall pattern is a mixed bag right now. cold air locked in for the moment but mild air briefly coming in this weekend. i only mean like the 40s. rain up the coast combining with a second system out of the i all day unmany comb rape and winly back edge of this thing. monday morning commute headachely ton strict he with icy spots on the road. overnight watch icy roads tonight with brief shot of snow showers today two get refreezing. s mentioned with louse a little you are s sleet could mix in late saturday night subpoena touching performing but the bigger chance for that to happen is going to come monday morning. sunday a wet, rainy day. saturday we start off okay but get some rain in here saturday
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night. rosie. well, she's only 7 years old, but a voice full of emotion perhaps drawing on the tragedy in her own young life. >> reporter: it all started with a proud father recorded her daughter singing and then posted it on youtube for a few friends and family. others followed and then 7-year- old ray ma march virginia's music spread like wildfire on social network. it tallied 18 million views and counting. >> god called me to do gospel. maybe i can change bad people's
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hearts. >> reporter: in fact, she sings with a depth of emotion rarely heard from someone so young. an old soul shaped by personal tragedy. her mother wendy was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. >> where were you. >> i saw the breath she took. >> reporter: she still connects with her mother with the shared gospel music. >> you can catch the little girl another story at 10:00 on 20/20 right before abc2 news at 11:00. this weekend many folks in maryland will be hitting the road for a holiday party. drivers be warned a new steady shows more and more americans are getting behind the wheel after having way too many drinks. in you're hitting the friendly
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skies social networks like twitter may be your new best friend. we'll explain coming up.
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. just in time for the holiday season a new steady shows alarming number of americans still drive drunk or high. dr. timothy johnson has more. >> reporter: drunk and drugged drivers cause thousands of deaths on our nation's streets every year. and they still drive on our roads by the millions. the latest national survey on drug use and health conducted between 2006 and 2009 by the substance abuse and mental health services administration proves it. 13.2% of americans 16 years and
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older said they drove drunk in the previous year. that is lower than the 14.6% who reported drunk driving from 2002 to 2005. but that still puts over 30 million drunk people behind the wheel of a car every year. and 4.3% said they drove under the influence of illegal drugs as well as prescription medicines taken other than as prescribed. and that number may be much higher. the report does not include the number of people who drove while under the influence of prescription medicines, which they took as prescribed, which could still leave them impaired. so be careful out there this holiday season a lot of people are driving that really shouldn't. with this medical minute i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> how social networks are helping airline passengers. the complete and wet and snowy
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forecast coming up in 2 minutes.
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. good evening i'm joce sterman a blast of winter weather blew through our area early this afternoon leaving behind a dusting of snow and causing a lot of slick roads out there. live in the storm center with a look at your first forecast and what we can expect tonight. >> joce, yeah it came down hard and fast but the bottom line it was short lived. we had brief bursts of snow across the area today. got a coating. the road surfaces were slick today. we're tracking that brief rounds of snow showers as it invaded the state you might say earlier this afternoon. right around 10:00, 11:00 right through the middle part of the
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afternoon. clearing out to the north and east. ware clear now, but here's a different perspective on. take a look to the west. snow hours come in and sort of coat the landscape there with a really thin wintry blanket you have to say. you see snow showers in towson through the middle part of the day. pretty intense when they were coming down. no new snow radar clear. as we work in the rest of the evening we're talking about 30s partly cloudy conditions, cold, though and we'll quickly go below the freezing mark. in fact, just to take you back to 0 weather net you can see to the west of downtown manchester reisterstown norrisville all in the 20s. those are some of the spots you'll likely find some slick roads definitely use extra caution. talk much more about your weekend coming up. there's a wailed is